Apple Can Track You in Its Stores, and That Might Not Be Bad

…the app could help Apple thrive in the “indoor mapping space, to help users locate resources in the real world. This will be a key mobile usage case moving forward.”

Apple launched a new geo-tracking feature in its Apple Store app, which allows their staff to view customers’ exact location when visiting their stores. It makes use its new iBeacon feature, a technology that will be introduced in iOS7. The point of this new feature of the app is not to spy on the customers, but to enable the staff to find out what customers may need the moment they walk into the stores.

This is a cutting edge technology by Apple in “indoor mapping space” and they seem to have quickly figure out a way to implement it in their stores. However, some customers might find this creepy as they don’t know what other information that Apple has about them. The option to opt out from the service is, to me, an ethical consideration that Apple has so that they are not being to pushy to the customers. If this type of geo-tracking technologies are becoming more prevalent, we might slowly accept and adapt to its use, just like how we have accepted sharing of personal information in the social media as a new norm.

Link to the article:–abc-news-tech.html


1 thought on “Apple Can Track You in Its Stores, and That Might Not Be Bad

  1. I am not sure if I trust Apple’s motives behind this use of iBeacon. Tracking customers while in Apple stores in order to better serve them does not seem groundbreaking or even a little bit worthwhile. In the article they give examples of use such as push notifications telling you where to go to upgrade your phone or pickup an online order. I think these things should already be communicated to the customer so that Apple can streamline their operations and make more sales. Using geotracking does not seem like the right method of doing this, which makes me wonder if Apple has something else up their sleeve.

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