Most Wanted in cyberspace: FBI adds to its list

“There are definitely complications to bringing these people to justice from countries where they may not extradite their own citizens. But we are having success in capturing these individuals as they travel between countries”

By adding another 5 new names, the FBI now has 10 suspects in their “Cyber’s Most Wanted” list. The 3 new suspects originated from Russia, Pakistan and El Salvador. According to them, the process of shortlisting to these names is a complicated and lengthy process. Most of the cases involved cyber crimes in different forms of hacking schemes. From the article, FBI is portrayed as the police of the international cyberspace who aims at capturing these suspects from different countries. While internet enables borderless communication among users, hackers get to victimize users from other countries. Now, it seems that the authorities have more reasons to intervene in the free cyber space.




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