Stuxnet In Space

Update: Since finding this article it has been reported that the Stuxnet virus did not actually infect the ISS, but that it is still quite vulnerable, according to Kaspersky Lab.

The Stuxnet virus, originally intended to attack nuclear centrifuges based in Iran, has apparently infected the International Space Station. Although this malware is not designed to affect a system such as this, it could still cause serious problems. This is an important issue, because of the potential damage it could cause ($$$) and the fact that it is spreading outside of Iran. Stuxnet could eventually make its way back to America, where it was speculated to have originated, as even nuclear plants in Russia with no internet have been infected too. The virus was supposedly carried onto the ISS via USB, which should prompt space programs to have more rigid protocols in order to check what is being brought off planet. USB drives have been used notoriously in the past to carry malware, which makes me wonder why no one, including prestigious scientists and astronauts, have changed their practices.



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