5 Reasons Why the Video Game Industry is About to Crash


We talked a lot about the ethics of video games in class, but we were focusing on video games developed by large companies. It seems like there have been more and more indie game makers over the years, probably because of the increasing popularity of Steam Marketplace and Kickstarter. In five years the discussion on the ethics of video games, women’s roles in video games, high violence in video games, and video game addiction might be different because the video game scene seems to be changing.



1 thought on “5 Reasons Why the Video Game Industry is About to Crash

  1. This is an interesting article, and while I do enjoy reading Cracked they are mainly known for comedy. The numbered list they use does not provide many concrete examples to back their reasoning. I will say it doesn’t seem fair that well-known game series get reviewed better based on the publisher, but I disagree with many of the other points they raise. I personally do not think the industry is going to crash any time soon. Grand Theft Auto 5 just broke entertainment records because of how much money Rockstar made from the release and additionally the new consoles have sold more units than any prior to them.

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