Christmas Waste and the Holiday Tree Killer

In an article by EcoFriendly Planet the subject of how wasteful we are during the holiday season is addressed.  They tell us that “More household waste is produced between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of the year – about 6 million tons of added waste nationwide.”  This is something that I don’t believe many people pay attention to and it saddens me that even though we all get into the spirit of giving, we also end up in the spirit of throwing “tons” away as well.  

They go on to give some facts about this waste.  The first one is approximately fifty million trees are purchased for decoration and around thirty million of those end up in landfills.  One acre of these Christmas trees produces enough daily oxygen for eighteen people.  I looked into how many trees can be grown in one acre of land and according to Strathmeyer Forests, Inc., it can range from 1200-1700 depending on the type and size of the tree.  This means that we are cutting down like FOURTY THOUSAND acres of trees EACH YEAR just to decorate them and throw them away.

Then there’s the issue of how many trees we cut down to make holiday greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, and the list keeps going…  Two-Hundred THOUSAND more trees are cut down for holiday cards alone and according to‘s article there’s around Thirty MILLION more for just wrapping paper.

So to sum up only this one part of the article in question, we are producing tons of waste and killing millions of trees each year in the spirit of giving.

The article continues with telling us how much food is wasted and of all the hazardous waste that is also produced from Christmas gifts.

With all of this in mind this holiday season, I hope that some of you pay attention to how much we are destroying our planet and put the tips they provide in this article on how to reduce some of this waste as well as reduce the amount of trees that are destroyed each year.

Facts about Christmas waste & how to reduce it


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