The Holy See: Lethal Drones Pose Urgent Ethical Issues

The Holy See: Lethal Drones Pose Urgent Ethical Issues

“It is time to reform drone policy so that it is more moral and less shortsighted. We may be living under the norms we establish now for a long time.”

This presents some interesting considerations regarding the use of stealth drones in combat. While I understand the utility of drones, and their many benefits, I can’t help but get hung up on their pitfalls. For example, the amount of psychological trauma inflicted by modern warfare is shocking. The number of military personnel experiencing such traumas and their lingering effects is enormously higher now than it has been in any other war the world has seen. I have always worried about the use of drones because of the further desensitization they encourage. The technology is designed to remove soldiers from the perils of physical combat, so it would seem these drones are acknowledging and protecting the value of human life. In fact, at least how I see it, these drones are devaluing human life. Their operation is game-like and it minimizes the exercise of caution and all but eliminates moderation when carrying out an mission. The effect of killing others via drone pales in comparison to the effects of killing others in physical combat.

Overall, I definitely understand the value of this technology, but I think this article raises some key points explaining why we should be cautious to use it. We do need to examine the long-term effects this new warfare could have. 


1 thought on “The Holy See: Lethal Drones Pose Urgent Ethical Issues

  1. I recently watched a documentary on the drone strikes. For a long time we have been doing drone strikes, and for the most part they haven’t been in the news. I’m glad this topic is finally getting some attention, because there needs to be some serious discussion about whether or not what we are doing is ethical.

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