Twitter Block Backtrack Scores Points

Twitter Block Backtrack Scores Points

“Twitter made changes to its blocking feature Thursday in an effort to curb anger among those blocked, but what the company didn’t count on was making thousands of users upset over the change. Unlike Facebook, which is famous for ignoring user protests, Twitter responded by undoing the new procedures. With blocking back to normal, Twitter has earned high marks for responsiveness.”

I’m not entirely sure what Twitter was thinking making this change. Users block other users so that that individual cannot interact with them in any way. It’s not simply because they don’t want to see the blocked user’s material. They also don’t want the blocked user to be able to contact them or retweet their words or anything of that nature. While blocking seems to be a severe functionality, it’s a necessary one. Users should absolutely be able to choose who is and who isn’t a part of their social media circle. Why was Twitter so concerned with the feelings of the people being blocked? Usually a user is blocked for a good reason, so why should the company care to appease them? So what if someone doesn’t want to interact with someone else via Twitter? That should be their own prerogative.

On the other hand, it’s impressive that Twitter responded so quickly to the outcry. I’m glad to see they listen to their users – especially in light of this issue which is so crucial to user privacy.


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