Video Game Addiction Rises in Japen

The case in this news article talks about a Japanese boy who became addicted to mobile gaming.  The article never says what game he was playing, but I wonder if he was playing a game similar to Candy Crush or Angry Birds. It is a little shocking that someone could be that addicted to a physics game, so I am guessing it was probably some other type of game.

As more and more people get smart phones in America and several more companies are starting up that focus on mobile application development, I wonder if addiction to mobile phones will become a larger problem in America.


1 thought on “Video Game Addiction Rises in Japen

  1. I agree. That is a question to think about. People are focusing on the small effects of everything now but let’s pay close attention to the bigger picture here.

    People focus on other individuals being addicted to mobile gaming, social media, porn, dating websites and etc. But what people are failing to realize is what is allowing these sites or game to be so accessible?

    Which is mobile devices. So if people are going to discuss the ethical issues associated with mobile development how about we spend sometime discussing some issues with the development of mobile devices.

    The article was very good and had a lot of details and good arguments in it. I do agree from personal experiences that mobile gaming can be addictive.

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