Wasted Energy: The Environmental Consequences of Holiday Lighting

To continue with my concern for how wasteful we are through the holiday another frustrating issue to me is how many people leave so many Christmas lights on continuously.  There is no reason for them to stay on all night and there’s definitely no reason for outdoor lights to stay on all day long either!

This article explains that although Christmas lights are nice to look at they consume “more than six terawatt-hours per year” which is “the equivalent of the total electricity consumption of 500,000 homes in one month.”  This energy consumption is detrimental to our planet’s resources and this issue must be addressed.  “The energy used in seasonal lighting results in the wasteful burning of coal, oil, and natural gas.  The unwanted byproducts of this can include smoke, acid rain, and carbon dioxide emissions.”

So many people ignore the signs of global warming but the typical incandescent Christmas bulbs, along with all of this energy we are wasting by leaving holiday lights on for hundreds of hours throughout the season, are increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.  “15,500 hot air balloons could be filled with the carbon dioxide produced by our holiday lighting.”

In this article we learn that you can send your old, inefficient lights to HolidayLEDs.com and they will recycle the individual components and provide you with a 25% coupon off of any LED lights they sell!!  If you do put up holiday lights, LED Christmas lights only use 10% of the energy needed for the old fashioned incandescent bulbs.  This is what is on my tree – and very minimally – and I love them.  You can also buy timers for your outdoor lights so if you go to bed and forget to unplug them, you don’t have to worry about how much energy you have just wasted!

Wasted Energy: The Environmental Consequences of Holiday Lighting

My LED-lit Christmas Tree 2013
My LED-lit Christmas Tree 2013

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