Disruptions: Internet’s Sad Legacy: No More Secrets

:And that change can happen on the technological side, where the technologists that are disillusioned by the incessant tracking will use their skills to make surveillance more costly.”

After the documents leak by Edward Snowden, it seems like we are more certain that NSA is indeed watching us and we know how they do it. While there is nothing much we can do about that, we should at least be more aware of how our decision in using certain online services like Google and Facebook and apps like Snapchat and Whisper. Terms and regulations that we often skip reading and click on “I agree” may give those companies the rights to use our contents however they want and put ourselves at risks. I would suggest that such hidden tricky  phrases in the long agreement are required to be explicitly highlighted. In building a free and more comfortable Internet society, programmers and security experts should help by increasing the encryption of our data, especially those private information that we feel the  government should stay away from. Even if we don’t have anything to hide, it is simply too creepy to have someone watching us all the time.

Link: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/12/15/disruptions-internets-sad-legacy-no-more-secrets/?ref=technology/



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