Positives and Negatives of Video Games

There is always controversy about whether video games are good or bad for children. Some argue that they make kids less active and social, where others argue that it is in fact a social activity and helps kids gain certain skills. This article lists the pros and cons of video games. There are positives, such as following instructions, hand-eye coordination, planning, multitasking, quick-thinking, perseverance, and memory. And there are negatives, such as violent content, social isolation, confusion of reality and fantasy, obesity and health issues, and impulsive behavior. I think that like a lot of things in this world, video games are fine if they are played in moderation. There are positives and negatives to playing video games, but if parents monitor what their kids are playing, how much they are playing, and how they are playing them, then I think that overall, video games can be a positive activity for children.


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