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Obama and Big Tech Companies to Push Coding Event for Students


President Obama is teaming up with House majority leader Eric Cantor along with Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft’s Bing, and Disney to promote something called Hour of Code. This event was introduced to get more students affiliated and potentially interested in computer coding and programming. Tech is only getting to be a bigger part of human life and nearly all of the major tech companies are agreeing that they need a stronger group of engineers to supply the talent and skills that is being going to be demanded in the future. This article states that 33,000 classrooms from over 167 countries will participate in the event. That is estimated to be around 5 million students.


Online Fantasy Games Under Surveillance by Spy Agencies


This is quite the interesting read. American and British spies have been conducting surveillance and collecting data in online games since around 2007. They believe that terrorist or criminal organizations are using networks like this to communicate, plot attacks, or trade money. So far they have not had any successful efforts in finding bad guys but they actually believe their are bad guys out there using these games. All of this surveillance has not been welcomed by the companies that make the games. According to the people at World of Warcraft, they were never asked for permission to let the government use their game for surveillance. 

South Korea introduces yet another law to curb gaming’s ills

This article goes off what we discussed in class about how a significant amount of people in South Korea are addicted to playing video games. It has gotten so out of control that the government felt the need to step in and limit the amount of time that children aged 16 and younger are able to play online games. The first instance of such government control was a law called the “Shutdown Law” which prohibits children from playing between midnight and 6 am. This article briefly discusses how South Korea is considering a second law that will also limit these children to playing only 4 hours a day and it is dubbed “Cooling Off”. Some other reasoning behind such government intervention is due to school bullying and even suicide. 


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