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Positives and Negatives of Video Games

There is always controversy about whether video games are good or bad for children. Some argue that they make kids less active and social, where others argue that it is in fact a social activity and helps kids gain certain skills. This article lists the pros and cons of video games. There are positives, such as following instructions, hand-eye coordination, planning, multitasking, quick-thinking, perseverance, and memory. And there are negatives, such as violent content, social isolation, confusion of reality and fantasy, obesity and health issues, and impulsive behavior. I think that like a lot of things in this world, video games are fine if they are played in moderation. There are positives and negatives to playing video games, but if parents monitor what their kids are playing, how much they are playing, and how they are playing them, then I think that overall, video games can be a positive activity for children.

Cyber Bullying Leads to Girl’s Suicide, Charges Dropped

Florida judges dropped charges against two girls who had cyber bullied a 12-year-old girl, Rebecca Sedwick, for a month, leading to her suicide this past October. Apparently, one of the girls was Sedwick’s “best friend” before a falling out. The older of the two girls had a Facebook post that said she did not feel bad about Sedwick’s death. I think that this article sends an important message and reminds us of the horrible affects of cyber bullying.

Where America’s Computers Go to Die

This article talks about the economic and social harm that hazardous computer waste has when not disposed of properly. It goes to poorer and more developing areas where people are hired to take apart and sort different computer parts for pennies. This exposes them to multiple harmful and toxic metals like lead and mercury.

On the other side, where computers are made, majorly in China, people come from the poorest of areas to work exhausting hours making 30 center per hour to put these machines together. As American consumers, we hardly pay attention to these problems, going about our day to day lives using computers and throwing them away without second thought. Part of this is awareness and knowledge. We need to become more aware of these harmful actions and take a stand. At the very least, we can dispose of our old electronics properly.

Watch What This Make-Believe Girl Means To 1,000 Pedophiles

I came across this video while browsing the internet and found it so interesting, especially in moral and ethical terms. It delves into the issue of child pornography and pedophiles. Men from wealthy countries are taking advantage of young children, even as young as six years old, in other countries such as the Philippines. They target these children and sexually violate them online.

This video was showing how with certain technologies and strategies, it isn’t difficult to track down these pedophiles. They create a virtual child named “Sweetie” that poses as a real person to chat with these grown men and gather information about them. There are tons and tons of pedophiles doing this in the world but close to none are being pursued, let alone punished for it. Maybe this new form of tracking them will help protect these children and diminish these types of online acts by sexual predators.

Data on 60 Million Spaniards Collected by NSA

Edward Snowden’s leaked documents recently revealed that the NSA has been surveilling citizens in other countries. This particular article focuses on the revelation that the NSA collected data from 60 million phone calls in Spain. This, along with everything else Snowden released, has caused tension between the US and other countries. This still controversial issue is spreading to more and more countries.


Gaming Addictions Cause Health Issues, Even Death, in China

Internet cafes are a huge phenomenon in countries such as South Korea and China. People play video games here for hours on end with little breaks. Players become addicted to their games and are so submerged in them that they live more in the virtual game than in reality. These café players forget to take care of their bodies. A lot of them don’t eat or sleep or get up to move and stretch muscles. So much so in this particular case that a gamer died of cardiac arrest and was left unnoticed for nine hours. His body was found by a waitress, still in a gaming position at his computer.