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Report: China battles online gaming addiction

Report: China battles online gaming addiction

A photo of a child with a big and clear message: “Don’t allow him to go online.” That is what one Chinese father posted on the Weibo accounts of a couple of Internet cafes recently, followed by his phone number. His only purpose was to stop his son from playing computer games.

This got a lot of attention in the Chinese social networks, as it represents an issue that many Chinese parents are struggling with.  Out of China’s 330 million online gamers, 150 million are thought to be the under 19 years of age.”

This article by Rita Tudela is about China’s growing problem with internet gaming addiction among its youth. This article specifically cites how the Chinese government hopes to curb gaming addiction, and how gaming addiction is such a problem in a society where academic success is so highly measured.

I chose China and gaming addiction specifically because I think it shows the dangers of putting so much value on academic success while at the same time not giving the children the proper outlets for aggression. This article also high-lights the disturbing extremes parents will go to to “fix” their child, such as electro-shock therapy and sending the affected child to camp specifically for gaming addiction.

Gaming Addictions Cause Health Issues, Even Death, in China


Internet cafes are a huge phenomenon in countries such as South Korea and China. People play video games here for hours on end with little breaks. Players become addicted to their games and are so submerged in them that they live more in the virtual game than in reality. These café players forget to take care of their bodies. A lot of them don’t eat or sleep or get up to move and stretch muscles. So much so in this particular case that a gamer died of cardiac arrest and was left unnoticed for nine hours. His body was found by a waitress, still in a gaming position at his computer.